Wet And Tight

By | March 30, 2011

DirtyI can’t say for certain but I think the trees have started to dump pollen into the atmosphere in the UK. I know this as I’m allergic to it; My throat is sore and my nose has swollen up so I can’t breath through it. Crap Huh?

Despite this my libido still kicks on and although a bunged up head is a little inhibiting it’s still easy to slip into the mood. One thing to be said for sex when you’re under the weather is that it can be slightly mind altering. I don’t know if it’s the inflammation of membranes in your head or a slight oxygen starvation but when we made love tonight the sensations I got at orgasm were a bit freaky.

Of course my perception of an orgasm is always a bit odd because of my synaesthesia. But when I’m a bit off-colour things get even more intense and can feel really trippy.

One thing that did happen when I came – it cleared my left nostril, it suddenly doesn’t feel as congested. Another shag should see me fixed … Suze, where are you!