Blonde And Leather

By | March 30, 2011

Marisa MillerIt’s no surprise to anyone that Suze loves to have something hard and throbbing between her legs. 😉 It seems if Alex isn’t between my legs these days his place is taken by something of an adult nature.

As a teenager I had a passion for guys with bikes. Not push bikes but big boys bikes…motorbikes. It was more than the excitement of taking to the road and just two wheels it was the whole package including the attire.

I love leather, the touch, the look, the sound it makes when you move and most of all the smell which tantalises my nose just like freshly cooked bread. Only bread doesn’t tend to make me wet. Lol

Today I got the chance to rekindle those thoughts and desires two fold when I spotted a story in the press. It was about Harley Davidson’s campaign to launch the V-Rod Muscle, although it appears the bike was launched towards the back end of last year the story has only just broken here.

As you can see from the image above the bike is very nice indeed but the girl taking part in the advertising campaign for Harley is stunning. In fact I found myself saying “what bike?”, Lol.

The lady in question is Marisa Miller, model for Victoria’s Secret. Now if they sent me a toy like that to test I would be more than happy. 😉