Benefits Of A Bisexual Girlfriend

By | March 31, 2011

French MaidOne of the problems of being in a relationship with a heterosexual girl is that you have to be very careful what you say about other women. Trust me I know to my cost.

The problem with being in a relationship with a bisexual woman as I am is that you still have to be careful what you say about another woman. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds. Suze and I have similar tastes in women, similar but not identical. That is a double edged sword.

Consider this, if I say I find another woman attractive and Suze doesn’t she wonders why. Even after all these years she still wonders why, being bisexual doesn’t make you a man, you’re still a woman, just with an expanded sexual vocabulary. There’s no mystery about this difference in our preferences, we both come from different sides of the gender divide and while Suze appreciates and desires women she will always be a woman. That femininity is the basis of her sexuality and means we will never be totally in sync, that would be horrendous.

The other side of this is that she is pretty adept at spotting who I will fancy. We used to play a game with porn sites where Suze would bring up a screen full of thumbs and then guess which one I found most attractive … she was about 97% accurate LOL. That makes it very difficult for me to be unfaithful because Suze knows exactly who to keep her eye on.

But then again she’s only jealous if she can’t share with me, LOL