Bukkake Alert

By | March 31, 2011

It seems these days that you cannot purchase a porn DVD without it featuring two key elements, the first being fellatio and the second bukkake.

I don’t know who decided that we women get off on having a guy shoot his cum all over our faces but they certainly had an imagination. Lol If you are extremely unlucky (and guess who this happened to.) you can end up with it in your eye. And that bloody stings like acid when it hits your eyeball I can tell you.

Even better, if you happen to get it in your hair. Don’t bother with the hairbrush because that stuff will not shift, the only way to eradicate it is to wash your locks. There goes the voice of experience once again. 🙂

It can also be embarrassing if you forget to wipe it all up afterwards and your boyfriends parents come over. That tell tale white mark on the cushion cover had nothing to do with me. *blush*

So in short…you need to be wearing a hat which completely covers your faces, wearing goggles to protect your eyes and sitting on a plastic easy wipe sheet. Kind of takes the intimacy away doesn’t it.

Now to the reason for me being spurred in to writing this post. Check out the YouTube clip at the top of the page and tell me that this isn’t bukkake inspired. 😉