Take One Vaccum Cleaner And A Cock

By | March 31, 2011

Demon DanThe Circus of Horrors were due to take their gothic style horror show to St Peter’s College to perform at their Ball on 7th May but the act has been pulled.  Oooh errr!   That’s very near to the bone as you will soon find out.  Lol

The act which has now been touring for the past 15 years has been axed by the Dean of St Peter’s College masters have censored them after perhaps after finding out what the performers get up to.  😉  Gary Stretch has a talent for pulling a flap of his own neck skin over his mouth and Demon Dan aka Daniel Blackner gets up to strange things with a hoover.

Demon Dan made the news some time ago when he got in to an incident with his trusty hoover, you can read about it here it’s hilarious.  And if you watch the video clip you will see what all the fuss is about.

I tried to get better footage of his act but couldn’t find any.  I’m sure most college students would love this kind of stuff but obviously the staff at St Peter’s don’t think so.