Masturbating Who Me ;)

By | June 18, 2008

Alicia RhodesToday I took the day off work. I wasn’t on holiday, I didn’t have an appointment to keep and I wasn’t ill either. Shall I let you in to a little secret?

Work has been so hectic lately, sapping all my strength and creative energy that I thought it was time to recoup some of it. So, I wagged the day off. Which for my non Brit friends means that I pretended to be ill for the day.

You can punish me later for being such a naughty girl. Lol

I could have spent the day gardening, cleaning or carrying out all those jobs that you never seem to fit in at the weekend. But I didn’t. Do you want to know what I really did.

Suze spent most of the day in bed watching porn DVD’s. I had a day of self indulgence and enjoyed every minute of it. 😉

The first DVD to be viewed was Harmony’s House Of Shame, the schoolgirl scene where Alicia Rhodes is the teacher. She can school me any day in those fishnet stockings and black latex mini dress. 😉

Once the DVD started playing I slipped my naked body between the sheets and reached in to my bedside drawer for my clit vibe. There was no need for lube, I simply wet my left middle finger and ran it along my pouting slit. I was already horny.

Alicia was now watching one of her pupils being anally fucked by a fellow male student and I was rubbing my clit vibe gently over my pink nub. I shivered as the vibe passed over the bundle of nerve endings, which sent shivers down my spine and rippled pleasure through my pelvis and lower body, right down to my toes.

Gently, I rolled my clit in circular motions with the finger vibe, sensitivity increasing with each movement. Alicia was now licking the girls cunt whilst the guy banged away at her tight ass. She is such a dirty girl, I would love to spend some quality time with her, she was now sucking on her pussy lips. Really going for it and that sent me over the edge.

One more flick of the vibe across my primed clitoris and I was coming, the moisture released from my pussy making my fingers wet. And the aroma of come drifting up under the sheets filling my nasal passages. Unmistakably the scent of a female orgasm. I love that smell and would know it anywhere.

I slowly drifted back in to consciousness and continued to hold the vibrating tip of the vibe on my clit until it lost just enough sensitivity for me to start all over again…

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