Me And The Girl Next Door

By | August 28, 2006

Long time readers of this blog are aware that I swing both ways and I make no secret of the fact that I am very much attracted to other females. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many opportunities in my life up to now to explore this side of my sexuality.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a few long glances from other girls, one of which I missed when we were at the mall a while ago. Alex said the girl took a really lengthy, maybe even desiring look at me. I missed it and by the time he had explained the situation to me, the girl had disappeared. So I blew that one.

The longest tryst I have been in with another woman was about 2 months, one hot summer over 10 years ago now. But it was so special to me that I will never forget it. I don’t recall ever going in to detail about this encounter, so as I feel reflective today I will try to fill in the blanks.

My boyfriend at the time was in a very good job and had a mortgage and his own 2 bedroomed house in a very quiet suburb. Just goes to show you never know who is in the neighbourhood. 😉 A couple of houses down from him he had become friends with a guy who shared his interest in cars. I know, Yawn.

He wasn’t quite the Max Power man but pretty close and his cock was well, let’s just say he didn’t need a fast car to compensate for anything 🙂 …Where was I? One sunny Saturday afternoon he invited his friend and his wife (He was married but very young. They both were) round for a BBQ.

She seemed very nice a pleasant girl with a very cute giggle. Not stunning in the looks department but a very kind and gentle look about her. Nichola was about 5’1″ with a petite frame and I towered above her, or so it seemed at 5’7″. She had gorgeous sparkling green eyes. In fact they were the first thing I noticed about her and shoulder length blonde hair.

I found myself staring at her, captivated from the moment they entered the rear garden of the house. Her husband Dave stood about 6’1″ with a medium build and badly pock marked skin. Looking beyond this, he was a really happy go lucky guy with a heart of gold and a great sense of humour. Which in my books is one of the most important characteristics a man can have.

The sun was fairly warm that day and we were all dressed in light clothing from what I can recall. Strange that, I can remember that Nichola had a blue cotton mini dress and flip flop style sandals and I wore a pair of denim shorts and a black t-shirt. Don’t ask me to tell you what the guys had on because I really don’t recall.

We ate and drank and laughed our way through the afternoon and in to the early evening. It started to get a little chilly so we moved inside and put on some music. The wine was flowing and the converstation was easy. I seemed to immediately click with both of them. Especially Nichola.

All three of them sat on the sofa and I sat in front of them on the floor. I like to face people when I speak to them and quite often find myself sitting on the floor. It also gives you some of the best views when one of the guests is wearing a very short dress. Oooh, stop me, before I go off in a dream! I clearly remember catching the odd glimpse up Nichola’s skirt during the evening.

She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and I was treated to the sight of her tanned thighs and her white panties (g-string as I found out later). The wine continued to flow and the conversation began to turn to things of a more adult nature. I was now sitting on the floor with my right arm across Nicholas lap as I turned the conversation to underwear.

After a few minutes of talk about what we all preferred to wear and our partners to wear. I disappeared to my boyfriend’s bedroom and returned to the living room with my kinky underwear collection. Both Nichola and Dave were sat on the sofa fondling my lingerie, it was quite surreal but with the amount of alcohol we had consumed perfectly OK. Nichola expressed an interest in a skimpy pink cami top and pants and without a thought I suggested that I try them on to show her how they look. Nichola eagerly accepted and I rushed to the bedroom with my heart racing to change.

When I returned to the room wearing just the two items I was greeted by three pairs of keen eyes and a resounding agreement that I looked good in them. It was about this point that Dave suggested that Nichola ought to try on my red bodysuit if that was ok with me. I wasn’t about to object and off we went to the bedroom to change.

Nichola slipped out of her dress and removed her bra before stepping in to the body suit. She had her back to me but I managed to catch glances of her as she manipulated the suit over her torso. I found myself wanting her and she seemed to be giving me positive feedback but there is always doubt in your head. Things like that never happened to me.

We probably tried on about 3 more outfits before collapsing on the bed next to each other with our legs overhanging. I don’t know quite how it happened but the next thing I know her lips are pressed against mine and we are kissing softly at first and then deep and passionately. My heart must have been audibly beating in my chest I was so turned on.

The kissing progressed in to fondling and then undoing on buttons and next my finger was inside her wet slit and feeling her moist walls. I began to finger her and lick her clit as I lay between her outstretched legs. Her head hung off the bed and moans began to issue from her open mouth.

Her nipples stood hard pointing upward, pink buds of flesh waiting to be sucked. I moved up her body and sucked her left nipple between my lips and ran my tongue around it. My fingers were working her faster now and I recall her juices running between my fingers. Now I had three fingers inside her, fucking her and massaging her interior wall. She seemed to be enjoying my ministrations but something was missing, she wasn’t giving herself completely to me.

I move over towards her face and asked what did she want me to do. She told me to lick and suck her clit. I transferred my attention to her erect clit and began to alternate between gentle rubbing with my fingertip to licking and sucking with my mouth. Nichola began to buck and thrust wildly. This was obviously working. I had spent ages fingering her and within minutes of me stimulating her clit she was announcing that she was coming.

Hearing this threw me in to ecstasy, my pussy was pulsing hot and wet. I flicked and licked at her for all I was worth, trying not to get my nose bashed in the process. Her moans driving me on. She began to quiver and I tasted her warm cum as it hit my tongue. I lapped at her with the greed of a wanton woman as she squirmed beneath me.

Her husband and my boyfriend had entered the room during this but we had been so involved that we didn’t notice. Dave climbed on to the bed besides me and kissed me and it seemed the right thing to do as I had just taken his wife. My boyfriend smiled at me when our lips parted and I knew this was going to be a good summer.

The guys left us girls to it and when Nichola recovered her compostion she fucked me with my vibrator and I came again and again. It’s more than just sex when it’s new territory, it feels like you are also having your mind fucked. A totally hot sexual experience. We thrashed it out in the bedroom for the rest of the night and parted with a see you soon.

We did see each other again but most of the meetings were due to me going round to their house. Most of the time just to chat because she had a young son aged about 3 at the time. So we would chat and have surreptitious exchanges when we could. I would reach inside her panties and rub her clit whilst we sat at the kitchen table. Thankfully the table cloth served as a good shield from enquiring eyes were we to be stumbled upon.

She would reach inside my blouse and tease my nipples whilst the her son and the neighbour’s kids played in the yard. This all very new and exciting and my boyfriend got off on the fact that he knew what I would be up to whilst I was down the road visiting Nichola. When I got back he would fuck me senseless. So all in all this was a very sexually liberating time.

Over the next few weeks I began to sense that Nichola was getting colder and colder towards me. This hurt, it felt like the breakup I had with my first crush. Our encounters became fewer and fewer and eventually the whole thing just fizzled out. It took me weeks to get over it I felt so hurt and rejected. I do still think of her from time to time. What is she doing now? Is she still with Dave? Would she still fancy me and, could we?…