High Heels And Going Down

By | June 19, 2008

I must admit that I am fascinated by fetishism, in particularly foot fetishism. So now I am going to delve in to this world and hopefully gain a better understanding of how this came about.

We all have our own peccadilloes and fetishes. Alex and I occasionally indulge in what might be loosely termed foot-play, during foreplay, but this is part of the sexual, act not its focus. So this post is simply going to cover what I found out about the empirical study of this fetish. If an empirical study of foot fetishism isn’t an oxymoron!

But first a little history in to fetishism in general (I’ll try not to get too heavy). The word fetish was thought to come from the Protuguese “feitico”, derived from the Latin word “factitus” or “facere”, which mean to do or make, therefore implying the object was created artistically or supernaturally and worshipped in obsession because it possessed magical powers. For example a lucky talisman.

This object could be either sexual or non-sexual, inanimate or animate. French psychologist Alfred Binet was the first to describe fetish as being in the psychological sense. As the science of sexology developed in the nineteenth century the term fetish was associated with sex and certain parts of the female anatomy or attire.

Ernest Becker believed that fetishism represented anxiety of the sexual act and that indulging in a fetish relieved that anxiety. According to Steele in 1996, this is the reason that fetishism is predominantly a male obsession. Freud considered the shoe a representation of the female genitalia, the foot being a phallus and when placed in a shoe the union was complete.

According to Brame, Brame & Jocobs 1996, the definition of foot fetishism is a pronounced sexual interest in the lower limb. This allure being transformed downwards, resulting in the fetishist’s response to the foot being the same as a conventional person’s arousal at seeing genitalia.

Freud considered moderate to high level fetishism would be classified as a type of “paraphilia”, which could be considered a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There is much in the way of research and written studies on this subject, too many to cover here. Also I only wanted to give you a little insight, some of you may wish to research this fascinating subject after reading this post. Hopefully I have given some of you a little glimpse in to this intuiging corner of sexuality.

So what turns these guys on? Fetishists view the foot as would any conventional person from some other erogenous subject. There are many features which attract them including the size, curve of the arch and instep, length and straightness of the toes, texture and complexion of the skin, contours of both the heel and ankle and the softness of the sole.

Each of these facets are to be kissed, bitten, caressed, licked and fondled. The toes according to Stekel in 1964 are worked to simulate fellatio. The fetishists attraction to the foot (or shoe) is said to be because it possess the characteristics most attractive and elegant in the female personality.

The fetishist is usually thorough with cleanliness but there have been reports in scientific journals about dirty feet being arousing to homosexual foot fetishists. Podophiliacs are sexually aroused by foot odour. It was reported that foot odour to the fetishist was as arousing as the aroma of genitals to others by Aigremont in 1990.

Foot lovers like visual stimulation and will gaze at pictures of feet. These are regarded the same as someone appreciating a tight jumper or pair of ass hugging jeans. They are attracted to people wearing open footwear for obvious reasons. So high heeled open or strappy sandles are a popular choice.

Retifists on the other hand (or would it be flippant to say “foot”?) are aroused by shoes and not so much the person. Where as others will include a shoe within there normal lovemaking. The true retifist will not gain complete satisfaction unless there is a shoe involved in the act. Retifism is a whole new field which I shall return to at some point in the near future but not as part of this post. I don’t want to labour this article. Are you still awake and paying attention? *prod, prod *. LOL.

Whether you are a foot fetishist or not there is no denying that most of us like to have our feet caressed, kissed, licked and yes for fucks sake, our toes sucked. This can be incorporated in to your foreplay and is highly recommended. I like to grip Alex’s cock between the soles of my feet and wank him occasionally. Make sure you are well lubed before attempting this. Moisturised feet also help. It won’t be pleasurable if your feet are calloused and rubbing him up the wrong way. Or maybe for some it might! But that’s a whole new posting in itself.

Foot fetishism is just one way of celebrating the beauty of the human body and the many ways in which different people draw pleasure from it. I hope this article has been informative, the research certainly enlightened me.

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