Fine Fucking Furniture

By | June 19, 2008

Bondage SeatI find that when I make a major household purchase like furniture I give consideration to other applications for its use. For example when we recently bought a coffee table for the living area, I wanted something low level and strong so if the mood took me, Alex could bend me over it and well, you can guess the rest. 😉

Same with the three piece suite we have. I could have selected a lovely fabric one available in many colours and designs, soft and warm to the touch. But I selected leather. It is such a versatile and durable material and I just love the smell.

It’s also wipe clean with is very useful, not so with fabric. The only problem with it is sticking to it when we have hot days or you are naked but it’s not a huge problem compared to the positive angles.

One faux pa I did make is buying a mattress which shapes to your body, from a material developed for the space program apparently. It is great support and gives you a good nights sleep but you sink in to it when fucking. We have are used to it now and make adaptations according to our needs but at first it was a bit off putting. I bet they don’t have sex in space. Lol

I had a hunt around on the Internet for furniture specifically designed with sex in mind, there is quite a wide range of choice in the foam wedge and inflatable market but I did find a little gem here. They make the S1 bondage sex stool and it looks like a lot of fun to me. 😉

It has bondage points and a slit seat which I’m sure has plenty of applications. Now all I need to do is save up.

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