Gettin’ It On With Your Girlfriend

By | June 19, 2008

I recall the first day I met her. It was our first day at senior school and she had already taken a seat in the classroom by the time I arrived. We had been selected for our classes in the main hall and then led to our classroom in single file.

She had taken up a seat in the window, our classroom doubled up as an art room and there were Formica worksurfaces and high stools placed around the perimeter of the room. She was sitting on one of those chairs and I went to sit next to her.

She had long brown flowing locks, deep dark brown eyes and a kind face, which was the reason for me taking up my seat next to her in the first place. I asked her name and she jokingly replied something like “Micky Mouse”.

At that point I wondered if I had made a bad choice. But from that day on we became best of friends, even more than that…I became her confidant. And she in turn confided in me that she was a lesbian.

I’m sure by the time she told me this I had already worked it out for myself. She had a way of looking at girls she liked and it kind of shone through. Eventually she admitted that she fancied me too. It didn’t put me about, in fact I was quite pleased and flattered that she did.

My interests were in boys at the time and to a certain extent I was still finding myself. I suppose at 11 years of age you are just starting to develop your sexuality. Suze used to love to tease and chase the guys and had only a handful of boyfriends in her early years. It wasn’t for want of trying but at that age I was fairly flat chested and I think most of the guys were looking for something to get their hands on. Lol

This gave me time to discover with Lucy. We had many intimate moments, touching each other in bed when she stayed over at each other’s houses. We would gently kiss in a rather innocent way and caress each other.

I don’t recall her penetrating me, although she did fondle my pussy and explore its intricacies as I did with her. She taught me how to kiss properly and despite our deep and close involvement it didn’t really go any further.

I’m not sure why, it could have been that I was still green around the edges or that I wanted to pursue my interests in males rather than females. It would have been so easy to succumb to the experience and take the plunge in to a full on relationship but I didn’t and she didn’t push for it either.

It still foxes me to this day why we didn’t take it to the next level…could it be that you can’t have a lesbian relationship with your best friend. Are you too close to be able to do that? Is there an element of doubt that if it doesn’t work out you will loose a good friend and a lover?

Or was it simply about discovery and we weren’t ready to get serious? Who really knows but we are still good friends today and she shares her life with another…