Let Me See You Grab Your Cock And Masturbate

By | April 3, 2011

Over the years men have developed their own ways for masturbating. Some using the other hand or in the case of a friend of ours a tea towel.

His housemate turned up after a night on the town and found him slumped in a chair complete with unfatstened flies and his cock wrapped inside the tea towel. My first thought was how many times have we been round for barbies and drinks. Errrrrr!

I think his housemate should have taken a photo of him and he could have had his rent reduced. Lol

But you don’t have to go down the DIY route any more because there are so many masturbators out there, simply which pornstars pussy you want to fuck and away you go. There are some really clever inventions out there.

Which is why I was surprised to see that they have launched the “Sock” It To Me which is basically a wank sock. Only you get a big red kiss on the side. Some say the old ways are the best, I’m not sure.