More Sex Dolls Than You Can Shake Your Cock At

By | April 4, 2011

Oriental Sex DollI watched Jeremy Kyle yesterday morning as I tend to do every other day when I don’t go to the gym.  He had his usual compliment of reprobates on with their sordid little stories which never fail to amuse.

But what followed in the ad break after the show took me slightly by surprise.  The ad for the following show For Good Moring left me slightly aghast.

Coming up on the show were the usual day time television snippets with one slightly risqué addition.  They were going to talk to the guy who owned numerous real doll, type sex dolls.

I’m thinking that the viewers of this show have change over the years, they have featured several adult themed topics recently.  And I’ve missed them all.  Lol

Suze may have to start watching Good Morning, if not for the content for the gorgeous Holly Willoughby.  😉