Naked Jelly Wrestling, Anyone?

By | June 20, 2008
Jelly Restling
I have just laughed my ass off at a newspaper story I just read. I’m going to share it with you now.A Trinity College classics student, Miss Nadia Witkowski aged 23 was taking part in a jelly wrestling competition with a prize fund of £250. The contenders were in a 6′ x 6′ paddling pool filled with red jelly and wearing just their bikinis. Nice!The entrance fee was just £13, which included food, live music and alcohol. So, what alcoholic drinks did the select, vodka, homemade punches and…

…Lambrini. Lol You may as well drink Ribena as drink Lambrini. The reason I’m giggling about this is that the party was organised by the Wyverns, an all male Magdalene College drinking society. Some drinkers!

The girl was taking part with 3 others in the second semi final of the competition when the crowd of 1,000 students started to boo her. Spectators choose who the victor is by cheering the loudest for the winner and in this case they didn’t select Nadia. She lost her temper and punched a girl dressed as a butterfly stood at the front of the crowd in the face, bloodying her nose.

Not very sporting behaviour!

She apparently then tried to make off clutching a bottle of Lambrini and two bouncers tried to confiscate her bottle. They would not allow her out of the gates with alcohol. One was punched and the other head butted. This girl sounds like she would be a challenge for a cage fighter. Lol

Miss Witkowski was arrested by the police and cautioned for assault.

Whilst hunting around for an image for this post I discovered, if you live in Australia there is a company who organise events with lots of jelly! Go and check them out here. Those Aussies sure know how to enjoy themselves. 😉

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