First Time, Porn Virgin

By | April 5, 2011

We all have fond memories of our first encounters with the adult world. I recall discovering my mothers copy of Deep Throat hidden under her bed. That book was read from cover to cover more than once.

Later I was also to discover her copy of Happy Hooker written by Xavier Hollander. I snatched moments to read these when my parents were out. A treat was also reading the News Of The World newspaper. I know by today standards it appears to be pretty tame but certainly not when I was a horny, discovering teenager.

Then I struck gold one day quite by chance. I was putting the washing away for my mother and pulled open my fathers sock drawer to put away a few pairs. As I closed the drawer a balled pair rolled over the edge in to the back of the drawer.

I carefully removed the draw from its runners and their laying in the base of the drawer unit was a video tape. Curious I picked it up and read the title. Years later I can’t remember exactly what it was called but it must have been overtly sexual in title.

As soon as the house was empty again I bet you can’t guess what I got up to. Yes I loaded the DVD taking great care to remember where it started because it wasn’t the beginning. When I had finished watching the brunette with the perm get fucked from every angle and in one scene on a love swing I carefully wound it back to where I started and placed it back in his drawer base.

Years later with the aid of a lesbian girfriend I was to discover the world of Anais Nin and her fathers page 3 girl collection.

I’ll tell you more about my road to sexual discovery over the coming days. 😉