First Time With Sex Toys

By | April 5, 2011

The GraduateThe thrill of the first time has no substitute. And I’m not just talking about losing your virginity here. I was contemplating the range of sexual experience that Suze and I have encountered together.

New relationships are fun and exciting but cannot compare with a rich exploratory partnership like the one we have. By knowing each other and growing together over time we’ve gradually expanded our knowledge of ourselves and each other. It’s now at the point where we are confident in our knowledge of what we both like and that if one wants to try something new we have the trust that’s required to allow us to experiment and find out if it works.

Part of that experimentation involves toys of course. From our first flirtation with a orange-pink vibe years ago to our current situation where packages full of toys are being delivered to our door on a weekly basis for evaluation.

What brings all this to mind? Well we received a package this morning containing a sex toy like none we’ve ever tested before. That is some statement considering the variety and shear number of toys we’ve reviewed. Because it’s a new addition to the toy review queue it will be a few days before it appears on Sex Toys Buzz, and I’m not letting on quite what it is just yet. In the meantime you can take a look at some of the other toy reviews we’ve done.