Into The Kink

By | June 20, 2008

DominatrixSo, you think you don’t have many kinks, well think again. Lol I just finished setting up my profile over at FetLife and I never knew that I had so many kinks. Especially as I considered myself quite a vanilla person.

I know I like the odd bit of bondage and spanking but this site really opened me up and made me realise that I do have quite a few kinks about me. 😉

For example, who would have thought that “sex toys” would be a kink/fetish, I review them most days of the week and I didn’t even think twice about it before today. There is a certain amount of pride taken in knowing that you fall in to the realms of kinkdom. Lol

Although, if I think back a few years then I suppose all this would have seemed like a bit of a dream. I was leading the normal suburban lifestyle, semi, cat, good job and now I’m an erotic writer and amateur model. Not forgetting reporter and columnist.

There is no wonder at the end of the working week I feel so spent. I go out and work a full day at my day-job and then come home and write for you naughty people. I know which I enjoy the most and would love to do full time but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills. 🙁