Sticky With Cum

By | April 6, 2011

I never realised how much I miss wet dreams until just now. Like all adolescent boys I regularly had little incidents, especially if I’d abstained from masturbation for a few days. That’s the way that teenage boys are built. They just need to ejaculate regularly. That’s hormones for you.

Once you get a regular girlfriend (i.e. a regular sex life) and the hormones aren’t quite so rampant the wet dream becomes a memory.

To be clear about this, wet dreams are not a substitute for sex, but they are enjoyable and an experience different from sex. In a dream, especially a lucid dream you can direct the action and have some choice about the scenario and outcome. You can enact some of your fantasies if you’re skilled enough or simply go with the flow if you’re sleeping too deeply or aren’t adept at directing your dreams.

The climax in a wet dream, for me at least, was very different from the orgasms I experienced while masturbating or having sex with a partner. The sensation was different and the feeling that followed, the glow that accompanied my first waking moments, unlike the feeling of an orgasm while awake.

Waking from such a dream is also accompanied by the discovery of the wet, sticky blobs of semen that you have just produced. They can be clinging to your skin, the bedclothes or whatever you were wearing in bed. It can be both comforting and panic inducing to find yourself awash with cooling and drying semen as it’s followed by the rush to clean it up before your mother spots you sneaking around trying to wash sheets …

Does anyone else miss not having wet dreams?