Fun With Baby Oil And Boobs

By | April 6, 2011

Baby Oil BoobsYesterday I was getting ready to have a shower and I noticed a bottle of baby oil at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Now as you know we don’t have a baby, so why is it there?

Well you can probably guess. It was for a but of fun and games between me and Suze, literally between me and Suze. We also used it to enhance bare flesh in some rather nice photos we did.

Strangely I can’t understand anyone using it to moisturise a baby’s skin. There are creams and lotions which are much more convenient, in fact the only person I know of who actually did use it for that was one half of a couple who I rented a room from when I first left home … well that’s what she told me she used it  for.

So, does anyone actually use baby oil for ensuring baby’s skin doesn’t dry out rather than the alternative products?