Rough Sex

By | June 21, 2008

Do all women like a bit of rough from time to time? I don’t mean rough in the sense of forceful sex, I mean guys who have rough hands, perhaps work in a physical trade, maybe don’t speak too much? I don’t mean stupid men, I mean men who communicate more with their bodies than their voice?

Whether they would actually take advantage of the arrival of a rough-hewn, muscular guy if he were to turn up on their doorstep it’s my experience that most women of my acquaintance say that they lust after the strong silent type. Not the great conversationalist, but someone whose arms are strong and intentions are plain.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that when you strip away the honeyed words and fancy clothes from a man you’re left with an animal being. And you wouldn’t choose an animal as your mate if they were not on top form. It’s like hen birds looking for the fittest cock to mate with. They go for the one that appears to be physically fit and easy on their birdy eyes.

The instinctive attraction that we all have to a partner is based on behaviours which were built in to us for the purposes of the propagation and advancement of the species. Attraction at its simplest is about gut instinct and not intellectualisation of a relationship’s worth.

Though I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that women simply want someone who looks like they can go at it all night, regardless of their ability to father the next generation of the species. LOL