Exposed In Lingerie

By | June 21, 2008

It was a wet cold dark Saturday morning. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Summer over here. We had our nephew over to stay last night and he needed entertaining. This involved climbing the stairs (at least 20 times) and chasing around the upstairs, whilst he giggled and we struggled to get our breath.

The little darling just wouldn’t sit still and read or watch television. So what’s cheap and cheerful that you can do with a small child? (I can just hear you all saying taking him to a theme park. But just hold on one minute, I have no job and we aren’t exactly rich. LOL) Plus there may be some form of entertainment (even better, free entertainment) for the kids.

So off we went. My intention, although I didn’t let Alex know, was to have a look for possible lingerie for HNT. (I do this most of the time, get him to go to the mall and head straight for the nice lingerie shops. Shit, I just let Alex know when he reads this.)

We took the little one in to a couple of toy stores and bought him some toys. I know we are all heart. You just can’t resist buying him something when he stays. I think his Mum has worked this one out too. 🙂 Then Alex headed off to the music store, it’s a must for him. He spends a good half hour browsing through the CD’s and then comes out empty handed. Oh, well it costs nothing to look.

Then finally I got a chance to go and look in my favourite lingerie shop. With Alex in tow behind me uttering “I thought we would end up in here somehow”. Too right, I thought. I have noticed that most of the underwear on the rails at the moment seems to be pretty much uninspired. A lot of very bland designs and colours.

I was working my way through the racks, with Alex and nephew following behind when I heard. “Hello, is that you?” The woman’s voice didn’t attract my attention at first. Why should it? She could have been shouting to anyone in the store. There it went again, “Is it you?”. I carried on browsing through the lingerie, not paying any heed to this woman. But all of a sudden the little voice in my head made me look round to see who she was calling too.

Behind the racks of panties over to the right, stood a blonde woman about 30 years of age. She was dressed in a denim jacket and jeans with a white t-shirt. She noticed I had turned to look at her and was making her way across from behind the rail. “Suze, is that you?”, she exclaimed. I’m sure you all know that feeling, the one where your heart appears to skip a beat and you can feel your whole body wracked with tingling electric dread. Well, that was me, standing in the middle of the store.

For some reason I just froze to the spot. I could feel my face now getting very hot, obviously I was blushing. I managed to turn to Alex and plead “she recognises us, what the hell shall we do?” Alex just smiled and said it’s ok, I’ve been looking forward to meeting one of our readers”. “You’ve what?”, I shrieked under my breath. This woman was getting ever closer and I seemed to be the only one who was concerned that our cover had been blown (I know it’s a little dramatic but that’s how it felt).

I could feel anger welling within in me as Alex just stood there with a supercilious smile on his face. How could he just stand there and wait for this woman to come over and embarrass us like that. I became aware of other members of the public gathering around us now. Shit, we had a bloody audience too! I turned heel and tried to run but for some reason I tripped and fell, I didn’t even see anything in my path. My heart was racing, I knew this woman was hot on my tail.

Alex came over the help me up and just as he reached his hand down to mine, I became aware of my surroundings. I was in bed, with Alex by my side. I cannot adequately convey my relief when I realised it was my angst about possible discovery rather than reality. “Jesus!”, I whispered. “What’s up?” came Alex’s voice.

It’s obviously playing on my mind. It was so vivid and therefore thoroughly disquieting.

What would you do in these circumstances?