By | August 27, 2006

Long time readers will know that I experience a form of synaesthesia . In my case this manifests itself in me “seeing colours” whenever I experience intense sensation. This can make for some amazing orgasms.

Last night we made love twice. The first before we watched a film, the second afterward. The first time was very enjoyable, as it usually is. The second was something special.

I was very aroused and without going into the detail, Suze was enjoying my vigorous thrusting attentions very vocally. As I felt the orgasm building within me, coinciding very nicely with her final climax of the evening, I knew something was different.

It was a whole body thing. I suppose what people into Tantra describe as a whole body orgasm. I’ve had similar before, but my orgasms are always different. Both in intensity and the depth of synaesthesia I experience. My body was, well the best way I can describe it is charged, with sensation. I felt that my skin had turned white and was crackling with green sparks as I came.

My cock was hyper-sensitive. More so that you’d normally expect after ejaculation. Even as I came inside Suze I became aware of this. Until each thrust was thrillingly agonising. Did that make sense, I often have trouble expressing these synaesthetic experiences in words.

Eventually I came to rest inside Suze, holding her, shuddering, even the slightest movement of my penis against her soft, wet passage sent waves of searing white pain through me. I was gasping and holding her tight. Afterwards she said she thought I was sobbing and was a little concerned.

Eventually I withdrew from her, it was like someone was applying an electric shock to the back of my neck. I can still feel it now, the memory alone is making me shudder.

The cool air on my wet penis was enough to make me shake.