Dressed To Fuck

By | April 8, 2011

I saw a vox pops on TV this evening that reinforced my belief that some men are just plain lazy. The question posed to them was “What do you think about men wearing ties”. Almost without exception the men interviewed were either against ties or less than enthusiastic. A couple of city types pointed out that wearing a suit and tie sent out the right message, particularly at work and in interviews, but on the whole men didn’t see the point.

Or perhaps couldn’t be bothered.

The women on the other hand, without exception, not only thought that a man in a tie loos smarter and has more authority, but is also sexier too. They all developed a gleam in their eyes when they began to answer the question and a smile played on their lips.

I’m with the women. It may be fashionable to dress-down, but not with me. Dressing down has several effects. Some people, for example in an office, start to have a designer label competition, a competition that only the designer label manufacturer will win. Then there’s the effect on the clients who might come to visit, what will they think?

Personally I hate coming home and wearing the same style of clothes I wore at work. I like to put on a suit and then take it off again when I get home, it provides a separation between the two.

Worst of all is the apparently absence of recognition on the part of men that women find the suit sexy. What are they thinking? You have a guaranteed way of turning on a large proportion of the female population and instead it’s jeans and a sports shirt.

Men expect women to make the effort, with makeup, clothes, perfume, hair and yet let themselves believe that “sports leisurewear” or a ripped T-Shirt is going to get a woman going. Despite first meeting and simultaneously capturing the attention of Suze while I was wearing black denim jeans and black shirt, and black boots (not a varied palette, I know) , she soon made it clear that my suit always did it for her.

I’ve been at a wedding and the bride, a good friend to both of us and with Suze as her chief bridesmaid at her side whispered in my ear, “Wow, look at you in your suite.”, giggling. Chief bridesmaid and the bride, now that would have been a threesome to remember … whoops, drifted off there.

I’ll ask the question, please let me know what you think. Is it right that men expect women to go to incredible lengths to look their best and yet some guys can’t even be bothered to put on a tie?