Do All The Boys Want To See My Panties

By | June 22, 2008

We had little nephew over this weekend, it’s nice to be able to do kiddie things again like using Play-Doh and watching kids DVD’s. It also make a change from watching porn. Lol Although he nearly beat me to the DVD player, I got there just in time to stop him form ejecting Harmony’s House Of Shame. 🙂

I think he is more suited to Ice Age than lots of ladies in latex doing naughty things. It did give me a kick up the ass to make sure I don’t leave anything in the drive in future. Bloody hell, if he has started the player up…

He is also getting more than a little inquisitive about the human form, trying to catch site of things. I had to push the toilet door to because I forgot to lock it, kids just don’t think about things like privacy at his age.

Then this morning I was just changing in the bedroom and pulling on a pair of panties when he charged in and spanked me on the ass and ran away.

Aren’t children fun!