Fetishes…I Have So Many

By | June 22, 2008

We all have fetishes of one kind or another, most of them we are totally unaware of. Do you like the feel of satin against your skin? How about the wonderful smell of leather? (apologies if you are vegetarian or vegan)

If your response to either of those questions was “Yes”, then you have a fetish. In short if you like something…no, really like something it is probably a fetish. 😉

It only really occurred to me when I recently joined the FetLife community just how many fetishes I actually have. Ones that I didn’t even think would be classified as a fetish. I just popped over to count up the number of things I am in to and it came out as…

…*drum roll please*…

…a grand total of 31! And what’s more I seem to be gaining them by the day as I learn more about me and my own sexuality. So no doubt in a couple of months I may have acquired quite a few more. Lol

But seriously, if you haven’t already joined FetLife then what are you waiting for, it has a great community spirit and as I pointed out to you earlier in this post. We all have a fetish or two, only we may not realise it yet.

And if you haven’t already seen it you can watch my new video here.