Sucking Delicious Nipples

By | April 11, 2011

Wet Breasts

Good erotica, and good porn, should move you in some way. It shouldn’t just depict the act it should make you feel compelled to take part in the act to be jealous of the characters involved and make you imagine yourself in their place.

There’s a big difference between watching porn or reading literary erotica and actually being involved in the acts. The art of a good pornographer or creator of erotica is to find a way inside your head and make you part of the scene. Two people having sex can be captured on film and be a spectacle without being arousing. Vigorous fucking, imaginative positions, athleticism and stamina might all be displayed, but if not depicted in a way that moves the viewer to engage a porn scene will not work.

It’s the same with kink. Unless you’re really into a specific kink it can leave you cold. More often than not it’s about the whole package and how the scene is directed not the specific kinks represented. no amount of expensive rubber gear is going to make you feel sexy if the performers do not appear to be into the scene itself.

In some ways it’s easier with written erotica as the reader has to use their own imagination to bring the scene to life. In fact in some respects it is what the author leaves out of the scene that can be as effective as what they put in. Vagueness about the physical attributes of the characters, what they are wearing or their surroundings allows the reader to bend their own vision of the scene to their own particular tastes.  Of course the author can and should nudge, cajole and guide the reader towards a particular destination, it is necessary for a coherent narrative, but as is so often proved by watching a film of a novel after reading the novel itself on person’s vision can be very different from another.

Reading adult literature from different sources proves that it’s as varied as any other form of the written word.  You have the tabloid press who are desperate to tell you all about the alleged goings on in the bedroom of some celebrity, but can’t so as not to offend some of the readership, or invite a libel suit by being too specific. Then you can see the salacious and explicit descriptions in top shelf magazines, quick and trashy wank mags that have their purpose but are never going to enrich human kind’s vast pool of fiction. Finally there are the erotic short stories in print and on the Internet written by authors of every sexuality and kink who weave sex into every type of story, be that as a few pages of titillation in an otherwise sex free novel or pack an entire book with page after page of moans, groans, bodily fluids and deeply explored orifices.

Novels are certainly the most interesting with writers able to explore sexual themes in a way that short stories and the other mediums or newspaper and magazine simply can not allow. Some are repetitive simply presenting one particular theme over and over with little variation but the best enhance your understanding of sex as a whole or one particular facet of the rich and exciting area of our lives that is sexuality.

Don’t stop watching porn and thinking “He’s a lucky bastard to be licking her nipples.”, Don’t stop Jacking (or Jilling) off to your favourite porn mag. But do take time to read a good erotic novel. You’ll be surprised by what you learn about yourself.