Tonguing Her Ass

By | April 11, 2011

Rimming“Mum, leave it. Melanie’s dad is coming round later he said he would do it for you.”

Jane stopped the lawnmower and looked at her daughter who was standing on the patio, hands on hips scolding her like an errant child. She smiled. “OK, OK …”

Her daughter went into the house. When Jane heard the front door shut she resumed her mowing of the lawn. When she finished and turned off the mower she was surprised to hear a loud knocking from the front of the house. Someone was at the front door. Jane found a man who introduced himself as Kyle, Melanie’s father on the doorstep.

“Sorry, I was mowing the back lawn.” She explained.

“That’s alright. Mel said you could do with some help pruning the hedge.”

“I suppose I could … “Jane wasn’t too happy about accepting help from a man after all she was happy to be rid of her ex husband, but the hedge was a little overgrown. “All the stuff you’ll need is in the garden. Cuppa?”

“Please.” Smiled Kyle

Watching Kyle take off his coat while filling the kettle Jane remembered what it was like watching her ex-husband work in the garden. She had always enjoyed the slightly voyeuristic element of looking at a man from the opposite side of a pane of glass while he got hot and sweaty but never realised it until Kyle began to roll up his sleeves to reveal a pair of muscular forearms. She felt a tingle in the small of her back and immediately told herself off for acting like a schoolgirl.

She watched as this brown haired man with a slightly dimpled chin climbed the ladder to the top of the hedge with a rope over his shoulder. She looked at his arse and wished his jeans were a little tighter so she could see if it was as tight as she imagined. Stop it! She told herself, this is ludicrous, you do not think like this and you have only just met him. That last thought made her even more excited, sex with a stranger, how decadent.

It was as if another voice had appeared in her head alongside her own consciousness. This voice began to suggest things that made her wide eyed with astonishment.

She wondered if she should offer him a cold drink later, perhaps spilling it on his trousers. She could offer him some of her ex-husband’s and perhaps sneak a peak round the bedroom door while he changed …

Or perhaps offer him a drink and order in a pizza when he was finished. A few beers to loosen him up, a few shorts and then …

What about a shower, let him get started upstairs then slip in herself, the shower was big enough for two …

Where are these ideas coming from? She thought for a moment and in each case realised that it was simply her own subconscious disgorging years of repressed fantasies in one sweltering torrent of pure despicable filth.

To her increasing horror she realised that the urges she was having were more attractive the more depraved they became.

She suddenly realised her hand was resting on the front of her jeans, toying with the zip. Jane gulped and regained her composure before taking the tea outside.

Kyle worked for about an hour and a half before sitting next to Jane on the patio. He sat coiling the rope that he had used to lift the chainsaw while they talked.

“I don’t know why the girls told you about the hedge, they shouldn’t have asked you to come over. But thanks.” said Jane.

“Don’t mention it. They were only thinking of you.”

“Seems odd having a man about the place. It’s been nearly two years since …” Jane stopped feeling awkward.

“Two years since.” Kyle winked knowingly.

“Hell no more like five since I, erm.” Jane! What are you saying, you don’t know this bloke, what is he going to think?


“Sorry that sounded weird, didn’t it.” Said Jane.

“Just honest.” said Kyle, kindly. “Look, I have to go now. I’ll pop round next weekend if you like, finish off the rest of the hedge.”

“Thanks, erm, thanks a lot.” Was all Jane could say. As the front door shut behind Kyle she felt like an idiot. She tidied the garden and took solace in a bottle of red wine before climbing into bed. Alone


It was a glorious summer day. Jane sat drinking orange juice on the patio and Kyle mowed the lawn. When he finished he walked slowly towards her, his muscular torso glistening slightly from his exertions. He reached for his drink and raising it to his lips took several long, slow mouthfulls.

Jane stood up and took the glass from his hand, placing it on the wooden table next to her. Kyle’s arms reached around her in an embrace that she yearned for. His scent, warm and masculine filled her nostrils. She looked up and saw his eyes glint just before his lips met hers and his tongue slid forcefully into her mouth.

She could feel the hardness in his jeans pressing against her stomach and wanted to rip them open to expose his hard cock so she could see, touch, smell and taste it. His embrace was too strong and she was immobilised. Her nipples were hard and sensitised by her arousal. Pressed against his chest through her dress she wanted him to rip it off so her breasts could press directly against his naked skin.

He had other ideas.

Kyle turned her around and pushed her towards the table.  She bent over, presenting her arse to him as her cheek came to rest against the hot wood. Jane felt Kyles hands lift the light cotton dress and the warm breeze blow between the damp valley of her upper thighs. Her wet-crotched knickers were pulled down to her knees.

She wanted him to push his cock inside her, an intruder as yet unseen stretching her very core pumping into her with a strength, power and disregard … but instead he dropped to his knees and kisses her exposed cheeks. He circled slowly around her soft flesh steadily homing in until his lips traced a line down the cleft of her buttocks. His tongue then began a slow, sinuous track towards her anus. She shuddered, anticipating this new sensation. His tongue transformed from a lithe muscular animal to a firm rod of flesh, probing the tight ring of muscle that guarded her entrance. She tense involuntarily feeling his tongue massage the puckered skin until she relaxed and with delightfully debauched joy felt the tip of his tongue push inside her.

Slowly her ass loosened allowing him a little deeper each time he pushed. Her pussy was buzzing with excitement at the though of her lover burying his face between her butt cheeks and fucking her ass with his tongue. She was wet, she could smell it and feel it, almost dripping from between her legs. Jane let out a moan when his tongue moved down and slipped into her pussy leaving her wet, gapping ass to slowly close.

The moan of her body shaking orgasm woke her and she was alone. The dream both shocked and delighted her. The excitement was still there but the shame at her depravity stung like needles in her cheeks. Her thighs ran with aromatic juice from her pussy and she could almost feel Kyle’s tongue probing her ass.

What next? She thought