New Porn Cumeth

By | June 23, 2008

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but the latest rock that’s been thrown into the huge pond that is the adult industry is the acrimonious split between Spearmint Rhino and Michael Ninn.

When Spearmint Rhino decided to take over 51% of Ninn Works Michael must have thought his dreams had come true. Higher capitalisation of the company, freedom to explore his imagination … but Spearmint Rhino are a commercial organisation and while they may be willing to allow Michael Ninn to express himself to a certain degree it would appear that they were unwilling to fund all his dreams.

Whether you believe Michael Ninn’s version of events, or Spearmint Rhino’s it’s clear that in the current climate of belt tightening and a rapidly changing market even the most successful and applauded exponents of porn are not untouchable.

The whole of the US porn industry is coming to realise that the release of 1500 DVD titles each year may not be sustainable. Releasing that amount of content onto the Internet may not be possible as subscription sites are being hit hard by free porn from the likes of Red Tube, X Tube and You Porn.

The only solution would seem to be a contraction of the US porn industry. Not a palatable thought for those whose business plans had been built around a constantly expanding market.

Honestly though I think it isn’t such a bad thing as it has to be impossible to produce imaginative, original titles at the rate of 30 each week. Maybe what appears to be crisis in the porn industry is the best thing that could happen to it.