Fetish Female Fantasies Come True

By | April 13, 2011

Black DressWomen have for too long played the subordinate role in society. For reasons that are too obvious to discuss men took control of hunting, farming, physical trades, the making of laws and as a result became the dominant sex, tens of thousands of years ago. It’s only in the last couple of centuries that women have been able to drag themselves back towards some sort of equality with men.

It’s all about choice. If a woman wants to be told what to do by a man, or another woman for that matter, then that’s fine. So long as it’s their decision. However nobody should be expected to conform to any sort of particular gender stereotype.

One side effect of the change in the role of women and the advances they have made in gaining equal rights is somewhat odd. While most women seem to be happy with the ability to live their lives without being told what to do some become bitches and some bimbos.

In business I see the bitches. They seem to think that the only way to prove themselves in what was once an exclusively man’s world is to turn into a complete bastard and act without compassion. Now, I’m sure some people react well to this (sexually) and would love to work for a female boss that orders their staff around and demands utter obedience.

Not me. I can’t help feeling that such women have let their side down by missing the key point about equality. It’s not about being a better man than the men, it’s about being a better person and using those elements of your personality that are truly unique and feminine to help you achieve that.

The other extreme is the emergence of a class of women who’s ability to act like a mindless airhead allows them to succeed in achieving their goals. Acting stupid to disarm men for your own ends may work for you but it reinforces and makes accommodation for the insecurities of men who feel threatened by the thought of dealing with women as equals.

Being a woman is not about be subservient, it’s about being feminine. There are two different sexs and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Not appreciating the beauty of our differences is to ignore the most beautiful aspects of our humanity and miss out on really fulfilling relationships.

Of course if you want to play the bimbo occasionally for a bit of role-play, or the maybe be the bitch in the bedroom to demand a good fucking, then that’s a different matter.