Hand Jobs And Public Sex

By | April 14, 2011

Sex In CarsAlex and I have done some pretty wild things in our time. No surprise there then. Lol We aren’t quite so risqué these days or should I say blaze about being spotted. Sensibility kicks in when you get that bit older and wiser.

I have wanked Alex off in the back of his fathers car whilst being driven to a restaurant for Sunday lunch. And his mother was in the passenger seat. He has frigged me whilst I was driving, very difficult to concentrate when someone is doing that. 😉

We once pulled over in to a roadside layby so that I could wank him off on the way back from a night out. I just couldn’t wait until we got home. I’ve also given him a blow job whilst he was driving down a dual carriageway.

He once borrowed his father’s car to take me out and we marked the upholstery and had to give it a good cleaning before he gave his father the keys back.

But we have never fucked whilst he was driving, unlike the couple in Norway who were caught in the act whilst he drove his car at 100mph. I can’t imagine how he thought they wouldn’t be detected especially when his car was visibly swerving from side to side.

Strangely enough I’m not tempted to try this.

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