Filthy Picture Book

By | June 24, 2008

Whilst visiting the Passion show I was handed a book by one of the stands to read and review. I almost forgot I had it because it was buried under lots of toys currently being stored in an old suitcase awaiting review.

The stockpile of toys for review is now kept in a large suitcase with wheels so that we can move it easily when people come over. It just looks as if we are about to take a trip somewhere. I hope nobody asks where we are off to, I’m a terrible liar. 😉

I had just finished reading my copy of Spilling The Beans, Clarissa Dickson Wright’s autobiography which I must say was a little heavy going but an interesting read. Now I was in the mood to read some filth.

It’s a book of short erotic stories, ideal for reading over a lunchtime. I finished my sandwich from the greasy spoon and opened the glovebox to retrieve the book.

Being a paperback it is also easier to hold, that autobiography in hardback could wedge a door open without a problem. Lol I started to read the first story I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what it’s about as I intend to review the book when I have finished it.

Within a few paragraphs I was quite getting in to it and wished I had brought along a toy to add to the experience. As I looked to rest my eyes for a moment I noticed a guy walking past looking straight in the car with a smile on his face.

I felt slightly flattered that he was smiling at me and gave him a rather smug smile in return. Then I returned my glance to the book. It then occurred to me why he was smiling, I turned the book to check out the frontcover…it had a girl laying down in a pair of lacey panties of the front.