More Tea Vicar, Or Just A Creamy Finger Fuck?

By | April 15, 2011

Keneth WilliamsWhen I was growing up the nearest thing to porn that most people got to see was the “Confessions Of …” films and at a slightly more playful level, the Carry On movies. Though they alluded to sexual themes Carry On movies were about fun, camp fun. There were some real classics like Carry On Cabbie, Carry On Cleo and the Carry On Doctor/Nurse titles.

However, like seaside postcards I do wonder if they’ve had their day. 1992’s Carry On Columbus was a flop and what little I’ve seen of it when it’s been on TV was less than inspiring and certainly not that funny. The format had already started to look a little threadbare with carry On England and Carry On Girls, though Carry On Abroad was quite amusing.

I’ve grown up, the world has grown up and humour has changed. Seaside postcards used to be risque and funny if they depicted a skinny bloke and his portly wife in any situation (usually the husband ogling a young, busty girl and being caught at it by the missus). They, like the Carry On movies are in decline, selling only a fraction of what they did a couple of decades ago.

Saucy PostcardI mention this because “Carry On London” has been announced as ready to go, again. Not that I’m eagerly awaiting it, but because it shows that some formats refuse to lie down. Even when they should perhaps have a stake hammered through their hearts.

The memory of the great Carry On movies is very dear to my heart as the TV re-runs were part of my growing up. They were good fun, if bawdy and innocent in their own unsophisticated way. To try and recreate the same format in the 21st century has to be a questionable decision. I can’t see it ending in anything but another weak, low production value film with little box office draw.

However I hope I’m wrong for the sake of all those involved and wish the production team all the luck in the world, because I think they’ll need it.