Shaving For Sex

By | April 15, 2011

SuzeAlex and I started to trim up our pubes a few years ago and we generally keep them under control by indulging in a bit of mutual topiary once a week.  I find it so much more pleasant sucking him off without the hindrance of pubes going up my nose and between my teeth.

I normally get a very close crop with the aid of some electric trimmers and Alex gets to go completely bald with a wet shave, balls included.  When trimmed back my pussy is very soft, smooth and velvety and Alex is as smooth and soft as a babies…

But occasionally we develop growth longer than we would normally let it grown due to lack of time to tend to our grooming routine.  If little nephew stays over the weekend things normally have to be put on the back burner for example.

This happened last weekend resulting in a very strange mid week fuck.  I was up on all fours, Alex behind enthusiastically giving me one and all of a sudden it felt as if he were dragging on my right labia towards the back.

I wet my finger and ran it along my slit hoping that a little more moisture would help.  It didn’t and the problem began to get worse, with every stroke it felt like my labia was being pulled in.  We stopped to assess the situation rather than continue which would only end up making me sore.

We resumed the position complete with plenty of spit but it started to happen again, I was being sucked in.  I reached back between my legs and felt Alex’s stubble it seemed to have a purchase on my labia almost like Velcro.

Reluctantly we had to disengage and hold back on our activities until I had shaved Alex.  About 10 minutes later we repeated the performance and things were a lot better, no snagging just a good hard shagging and several orgasms.  😉

Note to self:  don’t let pubic hair get too long.