Sexy In A Swimsuit

By | April 15, 2011

Anna OhuraI know what a woman’s body looks like. I’ve held one close, touched it caressed it, breathed in the scent of her skin, her hair, her pussy. That’s probably why I find that I’m not a huge fan of bikinis.

Bikinis leave very little to the imagination and that’s always been a problem for me. During my very early interest in the female form where I wanted, no needed to see every inch of bare flesh that I could. It’s natural to be curious about a woman’s body if you haven’t seen one.

Once you have seen one, first in magazines, then for real you come to realise that the excitement is in the reveal, the tease, the joy of letting your mind imagine what lies beneath the clothing.

Of course when you’re in bed clothing is sometimes part of the sexual experience an sometimes not. But often it adds to the experience, be that fucking fully clothed or with certain naughty items of underwear on. A fully naked form touching me all over as I’m touching her is wonderful, don’t think I’m knocking that.

What I’m contrasting the is the emphasis of the female form that a one-piece bathing costume provides as opposed to the almost total exposure afforded by a bikini.

It’s the same with other clothing, an almost total reveal is nowhere near as sexy as a subtle glimpse of what lies beneath.

Now excuse me while I spend a little time pondering Suze in a wet Lycra one-piece bathing suite …