Warm, Wet And Hard

By | June 24, 2008

Swimming is going well, I’m improving my lap times and managing to get 50 lengths in without much of a problem now.

However this evening it was very difficult to complete a lap without some loon getting in the way. There are regulars now who go the same days that we do.

We have the rolling “road block”, which consists of two women of middle age insisting on swimming side by side and chatting, so you can get an idea of the speed they are doing. Lol

Then there is “Shamu” a rather chunky teenager with moobs who insists on stopping in front of you and momentarily floundering under the water. And when he gets bored of floating around like a huge turd he starts to talk to his twin sister in the middle of the lane you are trying to swim up.

Oh and there is “curb chain man” who insists on wearing a few curb chains around his neck to bring out his tan. 🙂 He usually creates huge tidal waves by diving in at the deep end just as you get to that end and washes the water over your head as he belly flops.

Taking a swim is supposed to be good relaxing exercise but I usually find that I get so frustrated with everyone getting in the way that my blood pressure is increased instead. Lol

There was one highlight tonight. A good looking guy with a golden tan was swimming with passion tonight and I had to pass him several times. On my forty second lap I also managed to cop a quick feel of his groin as I did the breast cock stroke. 😉 I didn’t turn round to see if he had a smile or a pained look on his face. Lol

Swimming is good for you honest!