Sex, Shoes And Sinful Games

By | April 16, 2011

Holly WilloughbyI’ve always loved dressing up in the bedroom, it adds an element of excitement if you have the time to indulge yourself.  I’m not talking about maid’s outfits or nurses uniforms but nice underwear and a pair of stockings.  It makes me feel good, sexy, desirable, not that I don’t normally but adds a little spice.

Alex and I have even had our odd moments of role play which can add another dimension to your love life, although sometimes you can feel a bit self conscious and have to relax into the part.

Relationships and sex are all about experimentation.  After all you wouldn’t want to eat the same meal every evening, so why would you want to make love in the same way?  Some things will work and others not but until you have given them ago don’t poo-poo them.

This post was brought about by an article I read today about Holly Willoughby who I think is gorgeous.  She claimed that every time she bought some new shoes she wore them in the bedroom before wearing them anywhere else.

I’m thinking Holly is the ideal girl on girl partner…