Grunting In The Garden

By | April 17, 2011

PheasantWe’re taking advantage of the weather and tidying up our back garden. The only sounds to break the peace and tranquillity is the noisy sheep and lambs calling to each other. For small creatures they can make a lot of noise. At least they haven’t broken out of the field this year as they have done in previous years because getting them back in is a bloody nightmare.

Sheep are inherently stupid and as Douglas Adams put it “try and  hide under each other” when you’re herding them back to a field. And you always seem to get on e stubborn one.

Anyway just for now it’s grunting and groaning, pulling up weeds, hacking the brambles and fishy finger sandwiches for lunch because we haven’t got much in the fridge until we go out this afternoon for a bit of shopping.