Carmen Elektra Clones

By | June 25, 2008

Carmen ElektraDo porn stars get fed up of seeing the same picture of themselves on thousands of sites over and over again? I suppose it applies to all celebrities, but I ask from the point of view of porn because we’re an adult blog.

The reason I ask is this. I tried an experiment today. I was browsing the net for some interesting stuff to write about and expound my opinions upon when I happened on a picture of Carmen Elektra on a blog. The blog article was pretty much non-adult until the image of Carmen at the bottom. So I Googled Carmen Elektra and I got the same image as number one on Google’s image search.

It must happen all the time. Though not to me yet, *sob*, I must be a celebrity … thank goodness, look what it did to Pete Doherty.

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