Early Morning Sex Burglar

By | August 14, 2006

After leaving school with my A levels I took up a couple of courses at college. I somehow wasn’t ready to go in to the big wide world and get a job and become responsible. I’m so grateful to my parents that they indulged me in this and didn’t force me to take up a job to pay my way in the household.

This meant that my teenage years were full of parties and fun, Oh, and study of course. 😉 College was great and the majority of my fellow course mates were easy to get along with. One girl there became a very close friend and we still see each other to this day.

I also met the guy I had the longest relationship with in my teenage years. You know how it is when you are young, moving from one relationship to another. Don’t get me wrong I was never the “one night stand” type of girl. The shortest time I spent with one guy was 3 months, so not quite in to the realms of slag. Pie and Asterisk will know what I mean by that. LOL

For our non Briitish readers the expression “slag” was used to describe a female who would go all the way. You know what I mean now, don’t you? Ok…fuck you or give you a blow job on the first date. I’m sure that is some people’s ideal female but not the reputation I wanted. 😀

During these carefree years I met a guy, lets call him Chris for the sake of argument. He was about 6′ 3″ with short brown hair and dark melting chocolate eyes, come to bed eyes is the best way to describe them. He was a slim built guy, which belied the fact that he was as strong ass an ox.

Chris was a couple of years older than me, a man of the world. He had a profession and best of all his own car. Men with cars at that age are like gold dust, unless you were looking for a much older guy, they always seemed to have cars but I didn’t know one.

He was still living at home with his parents too, saving and hoping to get his foot on the property ladder one day. Until that time he lived with his parents and his younger brother. They lived in a quiet suburb about 4 miles away from my home in a bungalow.

His parents were very easy going and fairly liberal minded, this meant In emergencies I could stay over night in his room as long as one of us slept on the camp bed. Emergencies being very rare, I think I only every stayed overnight a couple of times. I’m damned if I can remember what excuse (valid reason) we gave (engineered) to bring that about. LOL

No, I used to retire to my own room in my parents house of an evening after creeping up the stairs in the early hours, avoiding the steps which creaked along the way. This is a feat in itself when you have been out drinking all night.

I would be out for the count but a couple of times a week woke up early, not because I was a light sleeper but I would set my alarm clock for 4am. Can you guess why. I didn’t have a job with an early start, or classes which started early in the morning.

I’ll let you in to a secret my parents weren’t even aware of. I would get ready and dressed then make my way to the bus stop for the first bus of the morning. I don’t fish either, so you can discount that one. 😀

My journey of 5 stops would take me about 10 minutes at that time in the morning. I would hop off and then walk up the road and down a lane to arrive at my destination. The quiet suburban street where Chris lived.

His bedroom was at the far end of the property next to his brothers. The window to his bedroom faced out on to the driveway and carport at the side. It was quite high and could not be seen directly in to because of this.

Because of the difference in height between me and the window I needed something to stand on. I would bring the bin round to the side of the house and place it directly under Chris’ window. By prior arrangement he would leave the window open just a crack.

I climbed up on to the top of the bin and opened the window. Chris was sound asleep and completely oblivious to my entry. I jumped down on to the carpeted floor and pulled the window closed behind me.

In the darkness of the room I got undressed and then pulled back the covers and slipped between them next to Chris. He stirred slightly and put his arm around me in a sleepy daze. His bed had a really bad creak so most of the time my ministrations would begin with me taking his cock in to my mouth and working my tongue around the end until he started to harden. It didn’t take long before he would be hard enough to penetrate me.

We had to fuck outside the bed, usually with me on all fours so as not to wake his parents or brother. I’m sure they never bought a new bed in an attempt to stop us fucking in his room. LOL

Both of us would fuck and enjoy each other for the next couple of hours before his parents woke. Spending the last minutes of our time together embracing in bed before climbing out and getting dressed, then slipping out briefly to re-position the bin while his mum clattered about in the kitchen, so they would be none the wiser. His mum would knock on his bedroom door and bring in a cup of tea and she always said the same thing, “Oh, hello Suze I didn’t hear you arrive”. We would giggle about this as she shut the door behind her.

On this particular morning I dropped a huge bollock. I forgot to move the bin back to it’s normal spot at the front of the house. I only remembered when the sound of a bin being moved just under the window was audible.

Chris and I looked at each other. “Shit, I forgot to put it back!”, I exclaimed. “Don’t worry they will never guess”, Chris reassured me. There was a tap, tap on the door before it opened and in stepped Chris’ mum with another cup of tea, for me. “I just found the bin round the side of the house, how did it get there?”, asked his mum quizzically. I’m sure my face was painted with guilt at this point. “I don’t know mum. Maybe some kids did it as a joke”, he replied.

“I suppose so, kids these days do the most stupid things”, she said as she left his room. When the door was closed once again, we rolled about with laughter on his bed. It taught me a lesson, I never forgot again.

After drinking my tea Chris got ready in the bathroom and then he took me home. I would walk in to a silent house as my parents were still in bed at that hour. When they awoke and came down there was I sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea looking as if I had been home all evening. To this day they have no idea what I used to get up to. Good job I suppose. LOL