Girls Who Love Cock

By | April 18, 2011

Not All GirlsWhat is it about some male fantasies? As  man it really upsets me when men have crap fantasies. I’m not against male sexual fantasies altogether, far from it I think that they are part of our sexuality but what does get me is the incredibly simplistic ones. I suppose the ones that objectify women and turn them into nothing more than sex objects.

There are the ones about girls who just lust after cock, usually sucking cock and usually wanting to have their mouths filled with cum. But that’s just the start, there are the girls who apparently want to be fucked up the ass or have their virginity taken (anal or vaginal) by an unsophisticated man they don’t even know … you know what I’m talking about here.

I’m not even saying there are a small minority of girls who actually would like a man to do that to them. But if a man’s sexuality s defined by this sort of behaviour that is for most people, disrespectful of their prospective partner’s status as a human being then not only is she devalued but he is diminished too.