Sex In Shades

By | April 19, 2011

Girl In Bikini And SunglassesThe Mediterranean lapped gently at the rocks at the foot of the cliffs as I walked up the path to the villa. The tide was on the turn, the almost non-existent breeze and slack water meaning that the sound of the insects in the cliff top scrub almost drowned out the sound of the water below. The sun was intense prickling my skin with its heat and making the climb more tiring than it would otherwise be. Especially for someone from a much cooler climate.

Alone at the end of the path was our holiday villa. Well, ours for two weeks at least. Facing south over the sea, thirty metres above the waves it shone white against a cloudless blue sky and dazzled me even through my sunglasses.

I could see the shape of her body on one of the sun loungers by the pool. It glistened from suntan lotion and was already gently bronzed from our first week in the sun. Her bikini was tiny but she still wore it in case a local goat herder happened across us. That was the only reason because we weren’t overlooked at all, the location, the seclusion, the pool had cost us a fortune but we had earned it.

She heard me approach and her head rolled to one side smiling. “You going to take a dip?” she asked.

“Try and stop me!” I was baking in the sun and needed to cool off.

I took the groceries into the kitchen and went back outside. Ensuring I was in front of her at the edge of the pool I stripped off, leaving my sunglasses on the lounger and my clothes in a heap at the water’s edge.

“Swimming naked. Naughty.” She remarked.

I jumped into the water and let myself sink to the bottom before bobbing back up. For several minutes I floated on my back with my eyes closed enjoying the cool water caressing my skin until I felt the edge of the pool. I was about to push myself away when I felt a leg dipped into the water. I ran my hand up and down it for a moment before letting my feet fall and standing on the bottom. I was in a metre of water and when upright my eyes were level with her boobs.

She reached up behind her neck and unfastened the halter of her bikini, it fell away revealing two obviously excited nipples. She leaned towards me and I happily began to tease the erect pink buttons with my tongue. She giggled a little at first, this outdoor sex and the novelty of the seclusion was hugely exciting to us, but the giggles subsided as she became more aroused and I began to suck and nibble at the excited flesh of her areola and nipples.

My hands reached up and grasped the slippery shimmering flesh of her tits, cupping each one and guiding them alternately into my mouth for their share of my affections. She started to shuffle, I knew she was becoming wet and thought I could smell the distinct aroma of pussy mixed with suntan cream.

I walked to the end of the pool and up the steps. I emerged from the water with an erection that she grasped in her hand and used to pull me to the bedroom. It was open on two sides with floor to ceiling windows that drew back to make it an extension of the pool area, or was it the other way round? Either way it was like sleeping, or fucking, outdoors just more comfortable.

She pushed me back on to the bed, the sheets drying my back while my front still glistened with water from the pool.  She straddled me and trapped my cock between her crotch and my belly. She rocked for a while, rubbing me until the tip of my penis was glistening with more than water.

I reached up and tugged at the ties on her waist then pulled her bikini bottoms off letting her rub her neatly trimmed and waxed pussy on my shaft. It was soaking wet, my cock slipping easily between her folds of flesh. She was hot, soft, swollen and excited. With her rhythmic rocking she had seemingly hypnotised herself lost in her own masturbatory world. She may have had her eyes closed but I couldn’t tell as she still wore her sunglasses.

She teased me for longer than I could stand so I rolled my hips down as she rocked forward and positioned my cock at her opening. She stopped and opened her eyes. I pushed inside her a little and she returned the movement sliding down me until I was fully inside her pussy.

We were both breathless and fought to control our rocking motion to stop it becoming a frenzy and ending too swiftly. Ready to cum we watched each other intently waiting for the unspoken cue and knowing that we were both approaching climax sooner than we expected.

She raised herself up and down on her knees, breasts waving in front of me as she leant forward. I matched her movements with opposing thrusts and began to drive into her harder. Her pussy twitched, a gasp escaped her lips and I felt her hot, liquid snatch grasp my cock. I held her waist and slammed into her with one hard motion. I came, a powerful ejaculation that required no more movement. I held myself inside her and we both felt the pumping of my groin matched by the contractions of her pussy as our fluids mingled.

She never did take off her sunglasses.