Honey, I`m Home. Are You Sucking My Cock?

By | April 19, 2011

Kinicker DownI always get a warm welcome home from Suze, but not always as friendly as the time I just remembered. It’s several years ago now but it’s not something I’m about to forget.

I think Suze must have been between jobs at the time, or she was off that day because she was waiting for me when I got in. As usual she walked down the hallway and gave me a kiss, but it was not the sort of kiss I was expecting. She lingered more than usual and rather than the warm, soft pout I felt her lips part and her tongue push into my mouth.

Surprised, pleasantly surprised I reciprocated and enjoyed the smooch for a while. Then I felt her unfastening my suit trousers. When the buckle was unfastened she broke away from the kiss and dropped to her knees. I was semi erect because of the passionate welcoming kiss and watched her yank down my underwear to expose my growing cock.

Our front door is half glazed and although the glass is obscured with a pattern anyone standing outside would have been able to get a fairly good idea of what was going on. However although a slight pang of panic did shudder through me all cares about being observed disappeared when Suze sucked my cock into her mouth and pushed her face deep onto my groin. It’s only when I’m not fully erect that Suze can take all of me in her mouth so this was an unusual occurrence, seeing her lips around the very base of my cock.

I could feel her tongue swirling around me and knew that soon she would have to allow my stiffening tool out of her mouth and content herself (and me!) with just sucking part of it.

Knowing how much Suze loves me to cum inside her I wasn’t expecting her to carry on for too long. Which was fine by me I love to screw her and her sensational head technique is always a great prelude to some mind-blowing sex. However this time she made it obvious that she was going to take me all the way.

One of her hands was gently tugging at my balls, the other forming a ring that she vigorously worked up and down the shaft while sucking the tip. Occasionally she’d take as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could, I could feel the head of my cock pressed hard against the opening at the back of her throat, just too large to go any further.

I started to tighten up, my groin ready for the sweet explosion and Suze sensed it too. She pumped my shaft with her hand and when she knew I was at the point of no return took me into her mouth to suck and massage me with her tongue.

I came copiously, resisting the urge to grab her head and fuck her mouth. She swallowed as hard as she could, each viscous delivery of semen gratefully appreciated. Finally I finished, balls empty and knees a little week.

She stood up and walked towards the kitchen, leaving me with my trousers around my ankles and asked. “Are you hungry? I’m starving.