Evangeline Lilly and The Curse Of Fame

By | June 26, 2008

I was mooching around the Internet again today, searching for inspiration when I came across a picture of Evangeline Lillly. And very nice she is too. I wouldn’t have recognised her if I’d have tripped over her before today, but that’s because we’ re probably the only two people on the planet who never got round to watching Lost.

When you have a striking look like Evangeline Lilly it must be awful to have a bad day, The paparazzi may catch sight of you – Then bang! You’re on the front of a tabloid accompanied by some ridiculous headline. Not that I have that much sympathy for Evangeline as she looks pretty hot at the moment. LOL

I on the other hand I am no Brad Pitt. My calendar is filled with off-days so there are no tabloid headlines there. Such a relief not to have the pressure of knowing that if you don’t keep your looks you might not get that next big contract and have to scrape an existence on that few million you already have in the bank.

Seriously though I can imagine it’s quite a strain when no matter how good an actor or actress you are there comes a time when you start being cast in “character” parts rather than as the leading lady/man. Character parts don’t pay as well as the leads unless you’re very lucky. It’s worse for women than men of course because as men grow old everyone thinks they get distinguished. Whereas women tend to be judged more on whether or not they have a flawless complexion and pert boobs.

A man can capitalise on the aging process, women seem doomed to spend their lives fighting it because of the unrealistic expectation put on them by air-brushed magazine images and the wonders of Photoshop.

I’ve probably been over this ground before, as I’m not a fan of the ultra-perfect and totally unattainable ideal which certain publications are still intent on promoting despite their protestations to the contrary.

Ellective cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular by the year with some individuals getting in to debt for one procedure after another. It’s bad enough when the celebs feel the need to comply with the demand for a perfect body, they can at least afford decent surgeons. Sadly budget boob jobs and failed facelifts are all too common for the mere mortals in this world.

And what is the perfect body anyway?

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