Today`s Bizarre Sex, Tomorrow`s Vanilla Pussy Lick

By | April 20, 2011

EmbraceI revisit this theme quite often because it tickles me.  I’ve been viewing quite a lot of porn over the weekend, for reviewing purposes of course.  Lol  It’s good to look back at the old stuff to see just how much the industry has changed over the years and the practices in porn.

Just 30 years ago porn seemed quite innocent by today’s standards, not seen much anal and boob jobs weren’t the norm.  Girls were a lot more natural, which is a good thing except for the cultivation of bush and lots of it.  Lol

The POV style of porn wasn’t around back then and it’s quite refreshing to note that the girls don’t find it necessary to gesticulate to the camera, in fact they tend to ignore it which works for me.  I can’t stand the over emphasised moves which are part of the POV genre.

I often wonder when I watch some porn if the guys practice some of the moves on their partners, if they do I empathise with those poor ladies who only know how to be seduced with “one” finger fucks and the occasional pussy slapping.

Last night I encountered a previously unseen manoeuvre in a girl on girl scene and had to laugh.  The girls was rubbing her breast up and down the other girls clit and the moaning that ensued was amazing.  Somehow I can’t see that doing much for anyone, just who thought that move up I don’t know but they were misinformed about its effectiveness.  Lol

Have any of you out there seen anything equally as ridiculous in porn, I would love to know?