Back Door Delivery Of Pleasure, When You Want It In The Rear

By | April 21, 2011

Soapy TitsIt occurred to me today that a high proportion of mail deliveries will be adult products and toys. And as the recession bites and we are all seeking a thrill on a budget the number of us turning to the more basic needs is bound to increase. 😉

For relatively low cost and some batteries you can have a really economical night in by comparison with a night out on the town, the cost of the entry to the club, drinks and taxi home.

We now take our supplier deliveries in large boxes because they send out batches of toys for review. Alex is now very friendly with the guys at the post office. At one time the parcels would fit through the door and on the odd occasion they had been posted through the cat flap. Lol

But the most memorable delivery I took a couple of years ago now when I was out of work was delivered around mid day. I remember it clearly. The next door neigbours were at work but their drive was being layed by builders.

I heard the van pull up at the bottom of the drive and went to the door to receive the parcel. The guy went in to the rear of his van and emerged carrying a large cardboard box with lots of packing tape on it.

It wasn’t until the guy turned around the contents were clearly visible written in bold on the side of the box. I cringed as I read the words “Cupids Couch.” My face must have been a deep shade of red as the delivery guy walked to the door and I didn’t dare look to my right to check if the builders had seen it.

Needless to say we never had anything else sent to us by this supplier and he was given a piece of my mind. Nowadays all our suppliers take the up most care to package products appropriately in fact sometimes there is a little too much packaging. Lol

We often wonder if the guys down at the mail collection centre have guessed what we do. I think the bin men may have. 🙂

Pity I can’t specify a delivery to the rear of the house under cover of darkness. Just in case 😉