Love Swinging

By | April 21, 2011

Love SwingI have said this before but after over 3 years of reviewing adult products you get a…nose for what will and won’t work for you. Just a quick look at a product gives you that “Gong show feeling”.

And believe me we have been requested to review some very strange products over the years. Some of which haven’t as they say, even made it to the cutting room floor. After all, why review a product which doesn’t float your boat and probably won’t float that of your readers either.

Well, I just discovered a position master which I am still trying to figure out. Does this go under the bed or is it free standing? In addition why are there so many options, they listed:

The gay, hetro, swinger, lesbian, hetro vanilla, classic (gay/twink) and the list goes on and on. Now, I’m not sure if one purchase fits all or if they have differences. To be honest I lost the will to live reading the options listed. Lol

All I do know is this bloody thing looks far too complicated to be fun. Or is that just me?