Her First Anal

By | April 22, 2011

Anal SexAnal sex has become a staple of the heterosexual pornography we all consume, where once it was seen as a predominantly homosexual activity.

Like all porn, anal sex in porn is devoid of context. Even vaginal porn requires that performers clean-up, shave and lube-up to ensure that the camera gets a great shot and the viewer watches an apparently effortless transition from “Hi, I’m the pool cleaner” to “Oh yes, fuck me with that big cock …”.

Porn seems to be much easier to believe that other types of televisual entertainment. I think this because when you watch porn your intellectual processes are just ticking over (for the most part) and your instincts are running the show. If a drama were to take such liberties with the truth and basic practicalities you’d be shouting at the screen and demanding to know why the producers of the programme thought any one would believe it.

This is in part why porn has lead to a drastic and in some cases unwelcome shift in the way that people, mainly men, view sex and sexual acts. Women find more and more demanded of them and men seem to think it’s OK to demand some things of women that previously would have required a long and understanding relationship where mutual sexuality was explored over time.

The most potentially hazardous effect of this is porn’s depiction of anal sex.

There are a number of biological facts that mean anal sex requires relaxation, understanding and lots of lube. Porn shows anal sex as a regular and spontaneous part of sexual congress. However, even amongst couples who enjoy anal sex it is often not the staple of their sexual menu and requires planning beforehand.

Do’s for anal sex include douching, lubrication and care. Don’ts include switching between anus and vagina during sex, switching partners and vigorous arse fucking.

The anus doesn’t open wide and immediately allow a cock inside unless a relaxing agent has been used, or your sphincters are physically damaged. Being fucked hard up the ass is something that only a minority of people actually enjoy and can cause medical complications that can range from haemorrhoids to prolapsed colons and worse.

Anal sex can be enjoyed but it takes more than a Pepperoni With Cheese and a clichéd pickup line to do so.