Get Your Cock In The Hole, Please!

By | April 23, 2011

Doggy Glory HoleI was thinking about my post about the “Velcro effect” which happens when Alex and my pubic re-growth start interlock during sex.  There are a few situations which can throw both of us off our paces.

I’ve mentioned before the “clit skid”, that’s when Alex misaligns himself with me and instead of entering me, his thrust skids up between my labia and over my labia which if dry can be just a tad sensitive. Eeekkk!

Well, there is a new one now.  The cheese wire.  It occurs after I have taken a shower and we get down to some naughty business.  At the point of entering me Alex detects an obstacle.  One of my long hairs stretched across my pussy which had obviously been deposited there when the water ran down my back.

He bounces off the hair and then feels around until he locates it, removing the offending hair and throwing it on to the bedroom floor.  I’m not sure what may happen if Alex ignored it and fucked me anyway, whether his cock would be sliced in two just like a cheese wire.  Hair is strong but I don’t think so, I just think it would be bloody uncomfortable.  Lol

Do you have anything to add to our list, any little issues which sometimes occur during sex?