Short Skirted Office Nypmphos

By | April 23, 2011

CunnilingusIs there a protocol for who you should and shouldn’t masturbate about? Masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo experience, for many couples, us included it’s done in company. So the person you’re thinking about when you do masturbate is the one with you, often the one with their hand around your cock.

When you’re not in a relationship of course things are different. The object of your desire may be a model in a glossy porn magazine or it may be a real person. Perhaps someone you’ve met, maybe even work with.

Should you be guilty about having sexual thoughts about them, particularly if you do not know if they are reciprocated?

So long as the whole thing doesn’t turn into an obsession, then fair enough. Solo masturbation is very different from expressing you sexual feeling for another while they’re in the same room. It’s purely one-sided and while not in itself a problem doesn’t give you a true perspective of your feelings towards another.

Although some people might be offended to learn that you’ve jacked off to lewd thoughts about them I would venture a fair proportion would be quite flattered. After all, don’t we all want to be wanted, platonically, amorously or sexually?

I wouldn’t suggest you go and confess all to your latest wank fantasy as a punch in the mouth often offends …