Kinky Start And A Happy Finish

By | April 24, 2011

Hand Job“Do you masturbate?” She asked.

“What?” he exclaimed.

“Do you masturbate? Jerk –off, Wank?” She repeated.

“Well, er, yes I do, I mean did. Until we got together.”

“Don’t worry I don’t mind you doing it, so long as there’s plenty of fun left for me.” She assured him, laughing lightly.

“I’ve never been asked that before. Why do you ask?”

“Just interested.” She paused and looked at his bulge under the cotton sheet. “And I like to watch.” She waited for the words to sink in. They had been going out for four months, living together for nearly two and this was the first time she had let him into her little secret.


“Is that it? Oh.”

“It’s difficult to know what to say to something like that. Do you mean you want to watch now?”

“If you like.” She could feel her heart beating a little faster, breathing quickening. “Here, let me help.” She yanked back the sheet and tugged at his shorts until he lifted his ass from the mattress so she could pull them down his legs and throw them across the bedroom. She slid down the bed and turned to face him, kneeling in front of him expectantly.

“You were going to help?” he ventured.

“I just did, oh you mean …” She unbuttoned her nightshirt so her C cup boobs were half revealed, nipples peeking  out from behind the light cotton. He waited, expecting her to reach out and grab his stirring cock. “Oh no, you’re on your own now. I told you I like to watch.”

He shrugged and took his increasingly turgid member in his palm. She watched him work and he watched her avid anticipation while massaging his penis. They were good together in bed, sex was good, pretty adventurous but this was something new. He began to enjoy the act of masturbation for its own sake in front of her. She had given him hand jobs before, the most memorable in the beer garden of a pub not long after they met. Memorable because he was so excited he nearly came over her dress after a few strokes and because they almost got caught …

He noticed her right hand slipping between her thighs and begin to rub her pussy. So, she was enjoying it. He was dribbling now, a clear jewel of precum appearing at the tip of his penis and quickly becoming spread over his glans. He could smell her too, the aroma of her sex filling the room with its story of an excited pussy just out of his view.

“Cum on your tummy for me. I want to see it on your skin.” She told him.

Eager to oblige he increased the speed of his strokes. His balls were tight now drawn up to the base of his cock and tingling with anticipation of their imminent release. Her rubbing was becoming frantic, her enjoyment of the spectacle obvious and wanton.

“Ah, agh!”  was the utterance that accompanied his orgasm. Each stroke following the groan was accompanied by a stream of viscous white semen jetting from his cock and splashing on his belly. His back arched a little as he came and then slowly relaxed as the orgasm subsided and he settled back onto the bed.

She slipped off her nightshirt and laid herself on top of his prone body, trapping his cock between them both and squirming a little relishing the feeling of the sticky cum that now coated both their stomachs.