Smooth As A Baby’s…

By | August 21, 2006

When the weekend arrives it heralds the start of 2 days of hot sexual activity in the house. To start the weekend off properly we groom each other’s private parts so that they are nice to nuzzle your face in to.

Alex is always first on the list. I lay a large bath towel over the bead for him to lie fully naked on. Yes, fully naked you’ll find out why later don’t be so impatient. He lays there whilst I set up the shaving foam, razor, washcloth and bowl of water on the bedside table.

I then climb on to the bed, straddling his left leg which I spread wide open exposing his perineum and slightly parting his ass cheeks. I have a routine, it may sound rather anal but it works. I wet his upper groin stubble with the washcloth, then shake the can of foam and spray generous dollops on to him.

Here is a shaving diagram so you can keep up with me. And just so you too can imagine that you are shaving Alex along with me (perhaps this will only work for some people. LOL) this image is taken just before I shaved off his stubble. 😉

Ahem! You can stop looking now…

The most effective way to remove this way is by using upward diagonal strokes, working out in a sunburst pattern. I then remove the remaining foam with the washcloth and dab dry with a towel. Next I shave the perineum, scrotum and base of his cock. Alex has to give me a hand at this point and he doesn’t object to having to hold his cock taught and out of the way.

He takes a firm hold of the tip and pulls it slightly towards the opposite hip. This gives a little tension on the balls and helps to lift them. The perineum is best shaved upwards as it is awkward to shave the other direction. At this point I will openly admit the scrotum is the worst thing to shave in the world ever! The balls are constantly turning and moving the flesh coupled with the fact that it is not easy shaving a walnut. LOL

The balls are best tensioned as you go with your free hand and plenty, lots, loads of shaving foam. Which makes them all the more difficult to shave because the flesh is hard to grip, so you will have to resort to the pin down. Which is basically pulling the flesh upwards whilst applying even pressure on them. But not too much pressure or you may get a kick in the pussy!

There is not set rule about shaving this furrowed terrain other than to advise that you feel your way and shave from every direction until the area feels smooth whilst you are looking away. By this time you will have noticed that things are beginning to tighten down there of their own accord.

It is round about the 2nd quarter that My Dinkle starts to get hard, which further exacerbates the ball shaving as they churn away in reaction to the looming erection. It does aid shaving the other side now that things are beginning to be less flaccid and surplus skin is now becoming one with a rapidly growing hard on.

Now I repeat the procedure for the opposite side and I must admit shave this side faster than the other. 🙂 Alex is usually rock hard by the time I get to the upper groin area, so I am usually swift and effective with the razor by this point.

Then comes the acid test. I take his erection in my hand and push it up towards his stomach. Then I encircle each of his balls in turn with my tongue, checking for any unwanted stubble. Finally in one long slow languorous stroke I lick up his shaft to the tip of his hardness. All the while Alex is lying back on the bed groaning with my ministrations and running his fingers through my hair. This could be his favourite part of the grooming routine. 😀

When I am at the very tip I gently pull back his foreskin and enclose my mouth around his girth. This makes usually makes Alex involuntarily push his hips towards my face. I grip his cock between my lips and push my tongue forward as I slowly descend on to his erection. This is the next part of the smoothness test. As he bottoms out in the back of my throat and my nose is pushed in to his groin, I ask myself “can I feel any stubble against my face?”.

The answer should be “No”, if it is I am satisfied that I have made a good job of it. Alex confirms this by thrusting slowly in to my mouth, my reward is imminent. He pulls his cock free of my mouth and moves around the side of me whilst I recline on to the mattress.

Grabbing hold of each of my ankles he moves his groin towards mine and places my ankles over his shoulders. Using my knees to pull me on to his shaft. Now, practically bent in two he fucks me deep and hard for being such a good willy barber. As you can imagine, I can’t wait to repeat the process next week. Any volunteers? 🙂